Additional Alternative Therapies

Clinical Canine Intervention Therapy

Clinical canine-integrated therapy utilizes a curriculum that employs the use of assistance dog training as a means of facilitating goal-based treatment interventions for individuals experiencing physical, social, emotional, cognitive and communicative functioning and development challenges.

Therapy sessions are facilitated by a Canine-Integrated Therapy Provider and a Licensed Clinician or Therapist who work collaboratively to measure a participant’s progression of skills in areas of: non-verbal communication; verbal communication; interpersonal interactions; problem-solving and planning.  Together, they ensure that each participant receives the maximum therapeutic benefit from every session.

Participants are grouped based upon their established therapy goals, physical ability and emotional age.  Pre-school, Kindergarten, Elementary, Teenage/Adolescent, Senior, Veteran and other select populations will benefit from participation. To determine needs and abilities, an initial assessment and evaluation is conducted prior to program enrollment.

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Speech / Language / Feeding Evaluations & Therapy

Speech and language therapist Laura R. Bacon, M.S., CCC-SLP, provides a full range of evaluations and ongoing therapy services for children and adults with speech, language and feeding/swallowing disorders. These services can include initial screenings, parent consultations, comprehensive evaluations, scheduled individual and group therapy sessions, and collaboration with schools, physicians and other paraprofessionals.

Speech, language, and feeding disorders can occur across the lifespan. We’re here to help! Contact us today to schedule an evaluation or treatment session.

Social Skills & Processing Groups

Social Skills Groups focus on teaching children a variety of social skills to help the children/teens improve in their ability to make friends, develop an increase of self-confidence, and behave appropriately in social situations.

During the Social Skills Groups the children/teens will learn to take turns, work together, maintain eye contact, communicate effectively, problem solve, cooperate, maintain personal space, and establish friendships. The children/teens will learn and practice this through group interaction and activities. The specific goal of each Social Skills Group will help to address active listening skills, conversational skills, responding appropriately to social cues, identifying personal feelings and understanding the emotions of others, problem solving for conflict situations, compromising, sharing, being a good sport, negative thoughts and the management of feelings, anger and frustration management, teasing and bullying.

Social Skills Groups take place once a week over the course of several weeks. Groups run throughout the year, based on need (at least 3 children are needed, with no more than 8 children in a group).

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Prior to the groups, ALL children/teens receive a comprehensive evaluation and follow up parent meeting to assess goodness of fit for a specific group and to determine goals.

Parent Support Groups & Programs

Parent support groups are designed for moms, dads, grandparents or caregivers of children and/or teenagers with learning, attention and/or emotional issues. We will discuss a wide variety of parenting concerns, including sibling rivalry, philosophical differences in parenting styles social stigmas and issues associated with special needs children and teens.

Parent Support Group - Understanding just what your child is really trying to communicate by their behavior and learn how to respond to it in a way that will help you to find less stress and more calm in your everyday life. The environment is accepting, supportive and informative.

Canine-Integrated Therapeutic Activity & Support Group - A parent support group that incorporates the interaction, socialization and training of Assistance Dogs in a therapeutic and supportive group environment. This group offers participants an opportunity to actively engage in an enjoyable, purposeful and rewarding canine-integrated activity while simultaneously addressing and processing challenges associated with special needs children and teens.

Monthly Information Sessions - Once a month Sensory Stepping Stones hosts a FREE evening information session on a topic for parents, professionals and others to come and learn about. The topics are randomly chosen and can be presented by the Sensory Stepping Stones staff, or other professionals. Please contact the clinic for the topic and dates that will be coming up.


Timocco is a cutting-edge virtual motion gaming system that accelerates the development of motor and cognitive skills including bi-lateral coordination, crossing the midline, hand-eye coordination, attention, posture, visual discrimination, early learning, communication, short-term memory and team work skills.

The Listening Program

listening=logoThe Listening Program ® (TLP) is a home-based sound stimulation auditory training method influenced by the sound theories of Dr. Alfred Tomatis and three decades of clinical experience. Combining beautiful classical music, nature sounds, and innovative sound processing techniques, TLP promotes active listening and improves auditory perception. This program may be of benefit to children and adults with sound sensitivities, hearing loss, learning and attention deficits, receptive and expressive language problems, perceptual difficulties, developmental delays, and other auditory processing problems.


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