Peak Performance Training

Athletes constantly make quick and rapid decisions, from the need to visually process the type of pitch coming out of the pitcher’s hand or spotting an open man on the court out of the corner of their eye. Elite athletes take in visual, auditory, tactile and proprioceptive information, process it into smaller pieces and then make instantaneous and precise decisions. They have honed the skills their high-level sport demands.

The following mental and cognitive skills must be developed to allow the athlete to be successful:

  • High-Speed Decision Making
  • Reaction and Anticipation
  • Spatial Sequencing
  • Focus and Emotional Regulation
  • Visualization and Mental Preparation

peakperformanceLike any muscle in the body that needs to be finely tuned for achieving optimal performance, the human brain can also be trained by increasing, regenerating and strengthening the neural pathways in the brain. This strengthening and training can be done by using several cutting edge technologies that can increase an individual’s rhythm, timing, coordination, concentration, focus, balance, decision making, cognitive processing speed, motor planning, sequencing and their physiological level of competency. When participating in the Peak Performance Training program, the individual can receive a complete and specifically designed training program encompassing visual tracking, sport specific balance/coordination, sensorimotor integration, mental and muscular endurance and neuropsychological functioning.