Sensory LearningSM Program


What is the Sensory LearningSM Program?

The Sensory LearningSM Program is a multi-modal (auditory, visual & vestibular/movement) intervention designed to help learning by stimulating these three systems at the same time. The Sensory LearningSM Program requires the primary nervous systems to process information simultaneously in order to help the individual adapt better to multi-sensory input, like the real world.

What can be some of the benefits of the Sensory LearningSM Program?

Some of the overall benefits include improvement in perception, understanding and the ability to learn. We often see specific improvement in processing time, sensitivities, sleep patterns, awareness and attention, speech, memory, expression and social skills.

Who could respond positively from the Sensory LearningSM Program?

Individuals with dysfunctional sensory integration, sensitivities to light, sound or motion, delays in motor skills, irregular sleep/activity patterns and sensory processing issues typically respond positively to the program.

The Sensory LearningSM Program is a 30 day drug-free therapeutic program that requires the first twelve days to be consecutive days in the office. During those 12 days using a computerized light instrument, a custom designed motion table & specially modulated music the individual will receive re-training of the vision, balance & auditory systems.


Pediatrics/Adolescents – two 30 minute sessions daily separated by at least 4 hours for twelve consecutive days. Twenty-four total sessions followed by an eighteen day home program with the portable light instrument.

Adult – one 60 minute session daily for twelve consecutive days, followed by an eighteen day home program with the portable light instrument.

What are vision, balance & auditory re-training?

Visual Re-Training is the process of using a custom designed computerized light instrument. The colors that the individual will experience throughout the process will follow the visual spectrum in a sequential order:


magenta – ruby – red – yellow green – blue green – violet

The light pulses on & off slowly, about 6 times per minute. This helps restore the receptivity of the individual’s visual system to each part of the visual color spectrum.

Balance / Vestibular Re-Training is the process of using a custom designed motion table to deliver relaxing movement in a reclined position.

Auditory Re-training is the process of using a modulated music program based on one’s individual needs. This is applied through headphones that the client wears while going through the program. Individual programs are determined in the assessment process, after a listening profile is conducted.

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